Saturday, 7 August 2010

01. Jamie Smart (Updated)

In the style of Jamie Smart - a great British illustrator/cartoonist who I have known of since enjoying Space Raoul in The Funday Times section of The Sunday Times, and continue to follow his Whubble strip (like Dilbert, but weirder and with more animals) and now his work is to be animated with a series based on Fish-Head Steve, about a town who wake to find they're all a bit deformed in the head.

Update: I contacted Jamie (on DeviantArt) to tell him about being the first style I had attempted to reproduce with Wolverine and not long after he got back to me.

"i bloody love this! thank you so much for showing me, turns out Wolverine looks great as Whubble (or vice versa). Wholverine?
The other styles looks great too! ^_^


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